First Blog Post!

EEE! This is so exciting. My first blog post on my brand new blog. My intention is to keep my friends and family in the loop on things I’m doing…just in life! Sometimes I’m not so good at that.
Here’s a little idea of what you can expect to see on Baking Up Beauty:
*Recipes! Both BAKING and COOKING! All Gluten Free!
*Hair and Make-up how tos, favorites, trends, etc
*My favorite things to do in Denver with my super rad friends
*Life as a newlywed with my hunky husband
*A look into what it’s like running my own business flawlessly as smoothly as possible
*LOTS of travel
*Likely, a lot of dogs. Or just a lot about a specific dog
*Attempts (emphasis on attempts) at DIY projects


My first real post will be about my very recent 30th birthday, and birthday weekend getaway, as well as my big plans for the 30th year of my life. Stay tuned! Is anyone still reading? This blogging this is a little scary at first.
See ya back here tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “First Blog Post!

  1. looking forward to keeping up on you and your adventures… plus good food recipes..,,, just wanted you know that i didn’t get married till i was 29 and 3/4.. had my first baby at 30 and 3/4 and second baby at 32… it’s better to wait and enjoy your kids when you are older and not so worried about the little things,,,,

  2. This blog is so fun – why? Because YOU are so fun! I love reading about people’s travels and baking so your Blog is a win win! I think I need a food processor!! And some old bananas….

    • Thanks so much, Stephanie! I know those boys want some muffins, so get after it! 😉 (there I go, bossy again). I’ll try and keep you entertained with those 2 things as much as possible!

  3. Amanda…I love this! I’m looking forward to more fun reading and I can’t wait to see where you go with this! Your Auntie Terri loves you!

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