The Big 3-0!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

After a few months of pretending to be freaked out about tuning 30, I realized that I was actually pretty excited about it. I like the idea of 30, it feels legit.
All I asked for for my birthday was a blog. That’s all. Right? Well, seeing as our computer was about 56 years old, this meant I what actually wanted was a new computer…to write said blog on. I was super excited when I opened my brand spanking new computer about 2 weeks early. I didn’t think this birthday wish was a realistic one, but luckily Aaron is full of surprises suddenly when it comes to a big birthday!
Speaking of surprises, Aaron had requested that I take Friday and Saturday off for a surprise birthday trip. In my head, I immediately pictured us in Thailand, but once I snapped back to reality, I knew we were likely going somewhere I had never been in the mountains. Just the three of us. (Olive too, duh).
Finally the big day came, and who doesn’t love getting lot’s of birthday messages? Remember the days before Facebook when we got only phone calls and texts from the most important people? Now, we get 218 messages from people we haven’t seen for 10 years. Still, I think it’s thoughtful.
Aaron had mentioned taking me to dinner at Ignite, one of my fav downtown restaurants with amazing gluten free menu, and great cocktails. I asked a few of our friends to meet up after, and they seemed less than thrilled to do so. Weird, right? But I guess it was a Thursday. SO I got all dressed up, just trying to look good for my man, and walked in the door to Ignite to a small group of some of my closest friends in Colorado!
SURPRISE! Ok, my feelings are no longer hurt that no one wanted to hang out with the birthday girl…they’re all here!
I also share a birthday with one of my friends, Mariel, and even she came to celebrate!
It was a beautiful night on the patio. Lots of laughs…


…and what would a birthday be without a cake?


What a fun night all around, I feel lucky to have such wonderful friends, and such a thoughtful husband!!

Friday morning, we got up, packed the car (my only guidance was ‘it’s summer, bring summer clothes’), and headed southwest. This is an area of Colorado I have never been to, so I was clueless, but happy to be heading somewhere great with Aaron, and Olive.


Aaron had rented a movie for me to watch, but the scenery was amazing, so I was a picture taking manic!

IMG_5599 IMG_5553

4.5 hours later…..we arrived in Crested Butte!! Our destination? Elevation Resort and Spa. SPA. Keyword.

The Resort was beautiful, and it’s backdoor walked directly out to the ski lift. We couldn’t wait to get outside to see more, do some hiking, and enjoy the cooler temps, and breathtaking scenery!

This is the view from our room:


With the downtown area just 1 mile down the road, we decided to head out early, have some drinks and dinner, and scope out the town for the weekend. Unfortunately, dogs weren’t allowed on the bus, so O-money had to stay behind. Are we the only ones who’s dog is such a Houdini that we have to strap her into her kennel like this?


Yes? That’s what I thought.

We had dinners, breakfast on the mountain, hiked, took the ski lift up, walked the trails, more dinners, and of course dessert every night. I did get to enjoy some time at the spa. I had an amazing massage and met a gal in the waiting room who was also there celebrating her 30th!

I will leave you with some more pictures. This was by far the best birthday yet. I am so thankful that Aaron surprises me, and is so thoughtful. We truly had an amazing time, and beautiful weather. I feel like I’ll be trying to make his birthdays as great as this one for the rest of time! We fell in love with CB, and are even thinking of planning another trip back yet this summer. Everyone there was so welcoming, and LOVED meeting new tourists.

30 is shaping up to be a dang good year. What did you do for your 30th birthday? Did you go through a pre 30 crisis, or were you stoked like I was? I’d love to hear your stories, and what 30 has been like for you!

Happy Monday, all! Have a great week!

IMG_5761IMG_5614 IMG_5628 IMG_5630IMG_5603 IMG_5634 IMG_5642 IMG_5643IMG_5741 IMG_5737 IMG_5731 IMG_5718 IMG_5719IMG_5704


6 thoughts on “The Big 3-0!

  1. Amanda…you are a “pro-blogger” already!! So fun to read about your exciting adventure as you begin life in your 30’s! There is SO much to look forward to during this decade of your wonderful and amazing life that you are creating as a family with Aaron and Olive!! Can’t wait to keep reading!! Love you!! P.S. Keep up with the pics…felt like I was there with you!
    Aunt Carolyn

  2. Thanks, Carolyn! I love hearing that you’re keeping up with us and enjoying reading this! SO looking forward to my 30’s 🙂
    I will DEF keep the pictures coming, keep reading! Love you!

  3. I agree with Carolina Vagina. You’re a pro already. Glad your 3-0 was fantastic…but a little sad I missed out celebrating with you!! 🙂 Love ya!!!!

  4. Thanks, Kal! I sure missed you at the celebrations too, but SO glad I got to FaceTime with you all the way in ITALY! Enjoy the last few days of your honeymoon, love ya!

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