Weekend recap, and summer wedding hair!

Happy Monday, everyone! Does that even make sense? I try to take Mondays off, but if it makes you who are working today feel any better, I am currently dealing with the ‘Sunday blues’, just one day later.

Our weekend was pretty great! We got to spend lots of time with friends, plus we were watching a friends’ dog, Cooper. Having a second dog around seems so easy, in fact we love it because Olive is always so tired from playing with these other dogs all day! It’s amazing. They did a lot of playing, but also, a lot of this:

IMG_5924 IMG_5923 IMG_5922

Saturday night, it was out friend Son’s 30th birthday, so we all headed out for the night. His girlfriend, Anna, one of my close friends here in Denver, is always planning something fun for his birthday. This year, she set up a tour for 30 of us at a Colorado whiskey company, called Stranahan’s, for a tour and tasting! I was pumped, even though whiskey, being made of barley, is like poison to me. I would just be ‘observing’ the tasting portion. We headed out , and did some learning. Although the tour guide seemed as if he had been drinking his own product all day, we still learned a lot. I do love local companies, and it’s always cool to hear their story.

IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5884 IMG_5890 IMG_5892 IMG_5897 IMG_5899 IMG_5900 IMG_5904 IMG_5911

These barrels cost $300 to buy empty, and they contain $1500 worth of whiskey when they are full! So, if you plan to rob someplace, I’d choose here. 😉 We headed to a vodka bar next, where I realized we were all 30 somethings now when Aaron and I were some of the last people left out at about 10:45 pm.

Yesterday, we did some dog walkin, and backyard lougin’ before it started raining like crazy! (which is Colorado means for longer than 3 minutes).


Then, we headed over to our friend Talia, and her husband Dan’s house.


Talia has been an extremely loyal, and amazing client of mine for 6 years, and we’ve become friends (peeps) over the years. I LOVE picking her brain about her faith, her family history, the places she has traveled and lived, and she just knows how to tell a story! Her husband, Dan, turns out to be the same! They are full of stories, and knowledge about food, nutrition, cocktails, other countries, and the list goes on. They live in an adorable neighborhood called Stapleton, and have the BEST vegetable, fresh herbs, fruit, etc growing in their yard, and in their community garden. Needless to say, we were excited to see what they were going to whip up.

We started with a delicious pre dinner cocktail, moved on to some white wine, salmon, and FRESH snow peas. They were de-LISH! For dessert, we had fresh raspberries, and some type of melon, both grown right here in Colorado! I tell ya, just when you think you’re eating clean, you eat a dinner like that! It was so fresh, very lean, yet so amazing. They inspired me to buy a lot of berries today, to try and grab when I want a sweet treat. They are so sweet and juicy, and better than the gummy bears that I want to grab! Thanks you two, and happy birthday, Dan!

Now, the excitement of my day: I got my FIRST request for a post idea!

My dear friend Ellen, is attending a wedding in Des Moines this weekend. It’s gonna be hot. It’s gonna be humid. She’s still gonna be pregnant. And dang it, she wants to look good, and have her hair look put together, OFF her neck, and trendy!

This is a great topic. You’re a guest at a wedding, and just want something simple, that doesn’t look like you’re trying to be a bridesmaid. I have some great ideas. Ellen was ahead of the game, and had already set up an appointment for the day of the wedding to have her hair styled.

For starters, let’s get some terminology down. Using words like simple, put together, soft, current, and understated are great words to use. Then, move on to words that describe the look you’re going for. This way, you don’t end up going home crying about your plastered back prom ‘do like you did before every dance in high school!

Idea #1- The curled side-pony

To explain, clarify where you would like your part, and if you’d like your curls looser, with more separation (like the blonde), or tighter with more softness (like the brunette). I think center parts look a bit more casual, and modern, where the swept look gives a but more elegant, timeless look. Also, let your stylist know RIGHT away if you’d like volume. Don’t be freaked out by the volume at first. It will fall a bit within the first hour.

th th (2)

Idea #2- Messy top knot

To explain, make sure it is HIGH on your head, you want to be able to see it from the front. Also, make sure it’s not TOO polished, and a BIT messy. Notice here how there are a few pieces hanging down, that just make it look as if it’s been up all day. This is the perfect amount of hair left own, and the bun is just slightly tossled. Otherwise, add a headband to give it an accessorized look.


Idea #3- swept over curls

This idea is great, because it give a ‘down’ hair look, but is completely off your neck, and just over your shoulder. You may feel a bit more comfortable if you’ve for a strapless dress on, and don’t want to be so bare with hair all up, and back and shoulders totally exposed. (although, have you experienced an Iowa summer? I think bareness sounds delightful in this case)

Ask for your stylist to get creative in the back. A braid from one side to another, a twist, a cascade of curls. Yes, that is my friend, Amanda. Surprisingly she is not a celeb like the others, though she looks like one quite often. Especially here.

thCAWVI477 thCA68VO1F IMG_5312

Hope these ideas help. If you don’t have time to make it to a salon, perhaps I’ll do a tutorial on these styles later this week! They are all very easy.

Good luck, Ellen! You’ll look great, and stylish as always. I mean, just look at her here at her shower on Sunday. She’s on the left in the polka dots:


Have a great night! I’m off to make dinner, and cheesecake that was promised to Aaron on his birthday. 3 months ago. Check in tomorrow for the recipe!



2 thoughts on “Weekend recap, and summer wedding hair!

  1. I feel like a true celeb now that I made the blog! Also rocking a messy high bun today, day 3 of no wash, perfect ‘do for that!

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