25 vs. 30-Weekend recap


Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you are all feeling as exhausted as I am from a super fun weekend, and resting up for your workday tomorrow.
This weekend was one I have been looking forward to for a while! Our friends Kelsey and Steve decided to pay a visit to Denver for the weekend. They live in Kansas City, and for the last 2.5 years there have been SO many exciting things going on, but each time we get to see each other, it’s with a big group, so it was so nice to get to spend some time with just the two of them! This is them at their wedding, aren’t they a good lookin couple?

Now, Kelsey has visited Denver a good amount. Especially in our single, younger days. We’ve shut down bars, walked home barefoot, you get the idea. We have never had a hard time having fun together. So the Dolezals had a few requests of things they wanted to do while here.
Friday night, we met at The Yard House, then had dinner at Earl’s before heading to Blake Street Vault to do some catching up and some dancing.

IMG_5979 IMG_5978

Also, some bonding with other neon-wearers


We called it a night somewhat early (not to be confused with before we drank too much), as we had a big day ahead of us the next day.

IMG_5976 IMG_5975 IMG_5974
Saturday morning, we met at The View House, a great restaurant and bar with a name that explains it’s beauty! They also poured their frosty drinks like this… ‘nough said.


Also, 2 blocks from the Rockies stadium, where we had tickets for an afternoon game. We really lucked out with the weather, and even a Rockies win at the bottom of the 9th! (I sound like I know a lot about baseball, right?)

IMG_6002 IMG_6001 IMG_5996IMG_5993IMG_5999
The day just got better from there. We stopped at Ignite, which you probably read about in my 30th birthday post, Swanky’s for some shuffleboard and catchphrase (clearly, the girls won),

IMG_6006 IMG_6005 IMG_6009

then to Marg’s, and lastly to my brother, Nick’s, bar The Squeaky Bean. He really knows how to show guests what a good restaurant experience should be. We ran into some neighborhood friends, which always makes Denver seems even more like home!

IMG_6014 IMG_6015 IMG_6023 IMG_6018 IMG_6028
Kelsey filled me in on the ’12 hour rule’, and we decided to call it a night! Apparently if you spend more than 12 hours drinking…in the sun…you’ll seriously regret it the next day. She knows so much. Good advice, Kelsey. However, I did find she and Aaron doing this about 3 minutes later….

IMG_6032 IMG_6031
Aaron and I stayed up at least another hour and a half and talked. How we even held our eyes open is beyond me! He has some great stories once you get him goin!
This morning we had a great brunch, and laughed and talked about the weekend. It was really SO great to see these two. Kelsey and I have kept in touch consistently in spite of moving to different cities the same month 6 years ago, making a whole new set of friends each, getting married, etc. We stood up in each other’s weddings, and can talk to each other about ANYTHING. Her husband, Steve is the most laid back person I have ever met, an I think he has a permanent smile on his face. It’s just there all the time.
Now, I have to highlight some things that I noticed were very different from a very similar visit 5 years back. We were 25 then, and are 30 now. Well, 2 of the men in the group are 34, but I won’t name any names.
Situation #1-
Girl 1 at 25-I’m going to stop with that beer for now.
Girl 2 at 25-Buck up, you Sally! She’ll have another one!

Girl 1 at 30-I’m going to stop with that beer for now.
Girl 2 at 30-OMG, are you pregnant?? (in an excited way)
Situation #2-
Girl 1 at 25-I’m getting kind of tired and sluggish.
Girls 2 at 25-SHOTS!!! We need SHOTS!!

Girl 1 at 30-I’m getting tired and kind of sluggish
Girl 2 at 30-Hydrate, caffinate, and celebrate! Drink some water and a pop an then start drinking again.

You’re getting the point here, right?
We still know how to have fun, but we make slightly smarter choices. Except for when the fellas order Moscow Mules and decide to have a chugging contest at the last bar. I think everyone is regretting that decision today. Even Olive.



Hope everyone has a great week! I know I am going to try and eat some good, healthy meals for the next 3 days to feel better about the junk I consumed all weekend, and then do it all again over the long weekend! Stay tuned for some recipes for 4th of July picnics! AND Aaron’s new job offer!!  Will he take it? Find out tomorrow!


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