Aaron’s new gig, and more hair!

Happy Monday! Does it even make sense to say that? It’s like I’m trying to convince you. HAPPY MONDAY! IT IS A HAPPY MONDAY! haha.

Today, my husband Aaron accepted a new job! Let’s back up a bit. Aaron is currently a mortgage broker for a Federal Credit union. He is so good at what he does. He is quite the salesman, and takes a lot of early morning, late night, and most commonly Sunday calls. People want to make those offers!

Recently, a co-worker of his left the ‘ma and ‘pa sized credit union, and headed for the ‘big house’ which apparently is a term they use in the ‘biz’ for large banks. Bank of America it was. Days later, Aaron got a call, and it was time for them to get some new, experienced loan officers in their bank! They wanted Aaron to donate his left kidney in the interview process start the interview and ‘investigation’ process, including the exact day and month to day and month that he had been employed at, and lived at each location for the last 10 years! He provided them with ALL they asked for, and Friday afternoon, an offer was made! Just in time to celebrate over the weekend. Today, he gave his notice at the credit union, and accepted the position at the close of the business day. I sound so profesh, don’t I?

I am so proud of Aaron. He knows the right moves to get him closer at all times to where he wants to be professionally, financially, and what’s best for his family. Yes, meaning Olive, him, and myself. It’s hard for me to talk about Aaron without sounding like I’m ridiculously bragging. But in all actuality, I am glad I married this grounded Taurus. He keeps things down to earth in these parts, and reminds me that things like benefits, and room for movement and growth are better reasons to take jobs sometimes than the reasons that I sometimes fantasize are the important reasons to take jobs. He will start at Bank of America on July 15th. Watch for the post about the ridiculous things I do when Aaron is out of town that I would never do while he is in town, while he is away in Plano, TX for training.

Anyways, I am tackling our spare bedroom this week. You may know this room as the wedding room, the closet, anything but a bedroom. If you’ve looked in there, you may not even know that there is a bed in there! I will post before and after pics, but I need to trust that you won’t judge me. Please confirm that you won’t judge me.

Here’s a quick little hair tutorial to leave you with! Remember this look that I posted about loving for summer?


Well, here’s how it’s done! Start with your hair down and parted deep to one side. Section off your hair on the side that it’s parted on behind your ear, and separate it. Put the rest of your hair behind your shoulder to get it out of your way.


Then create a loose, 3 strand basic braid, starting about 3 inches down, and secure it at the end with a hair tie.


Then, swoop it low and across the hair that’s swept over your shoulder.


IMG_6053 IMG_6052

Using a bobby pin, and pinning against the grain, secure the braid right where you’re holding it. Use 2 if you need to. I did with all this hair!



The bottom half of the braid, including the hair tie, will get lost within your curls, and when you look from the front, you will look like this! Viola!


Now, pay attention! There’s more! You too, Olive.

IMG_6063 - Copy

There is one more way to do this. Using that same piece of hair that you first sectioned out, twist rather than braid, so not secure with a hair tie, rather just pin it low and across in the same manner you did before, and secure the twist into the rest of your hair using a couple of bobby pins, like this.

IMG_6062 IMG_6066IMG_6095

Yes, I got some new highlights, thanks for noticing!

Try it at home! You’ll have a whole new simple look for the same curls you love every day!

‘Til tomorrow, everyone! Have a great night!




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