Summer product picks.

Happy Thursday, readers! I have been getting quite a few beauty questions this week, so my friend Amanda suggested I blog about it…done! Good call, Teeder! (now a Champion!)

The first thing I was to address is protecting your tresses. I have to use Amanda as an example, because she gave me the idea for this post. Her hair looks GREAT every day. She curls, or straightens it each day, even if it is just a touch-up. This morning she asked me if it was important to use a thermal protector. YES! I cringed at the fact that I have never told her that before. Protect that beautiful mane, girl! SO, here are a few of my favorite thermal protectors, meaning they protect your hair from the heat of blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. This should be a product you apply to your damp hair. These two product also double as detanglers, double whammy!

In first place, drumroll please….

Aveda Damage Control

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Damage Control provides a great foundation for any style on all textures of hair. Spray on towel dried hair to detangle and protect hair from the hazards of combing. heat styling and sun damage. Conditions and lightly holds the hair without adding weight. Oryzanol works as a natural sun filter to help protect hair. Vitamin E helps prevent damage from weathering and environmental factors.

Why it’s my favorite:

  • Protects against up to 460 degrees of heat
  • Detangles, and protects from sun, heat, and free radicals in the air
  • Light aroma
  • Brilliant Line=MOISTURE!!!

2nd place goes to…..

Beauty Protector – Protect and Detangle

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This paraben- and sulfate-free detangler seals the cuticles (the microscopic scales that compose the outermost layer of each strand of hair). It also smooths and moisturizes, thereby minimizing frizz, while safeguarding color and adding shine. Lastly, it provides protection against UV rays and heat. Happily, it accomplishes all this through a weightless, non-greasy formula that leaves behind an airy floral scent.

Why I love it:

  • Smells like caramel and vanilla, and the aroma lasts all day! Yum!
  • Makes your hair smooth, and shiny, and so easy to comb out
  • Sulfate free=safe for your color AND you body
  • UV protection

So keep on keepin’ on with your hot irons, just protect those locks while you’re at it!

One last bonus product to highlight for gorgeous summer hair is Moroccan Oil. I resisted carrying this product for month, and now, I cannot keep it on the shelves. I am a believer. The best part about Moroccan Oil (aside from the beachy smell), is that it not only gives your hair the appearance of being healthy, but is actually improves the condition of your hair each time you apply it. So rather than making your hair look moisturized, it IS moisturized It is made of pure Argon Oil. It also makes your hair incredibly easy to smooth out, and gives it incredible shine. Apply 2-3 pumps throughout your wet hair, and style however your please. You can also smooth through 1-2 pumps onto your dry hair to smooth down fly aways. Lastly, they have an entire line of shampoo and conditioners, treatment masks, and styling products.

There are 2 options:

Original Moroccan Oil and Moroccan Oil Light. If you have very light colored hair, or fine hair, opt for the LIGHT, otherwise, go for the original. They both have the same awesome aroma, and great moisturizing, and smoothing properties.  Try it out, and be prepared to be hooked, along with the rest of the world currently.


Another topic I get a lot of inquiries about is the liter sale at Beauty Brands. What a steal! Sounds like they sell their liters of shampoo and conditioner for around $12, and offer different products each time they run this sale. Here is a great way to break down these, and see if they’re right for you. The first this to remember, is that Beauty Brands, and Ulta sell only professional brands. Unlike Target, you can be sure that these products are straight from the manufacturers. No matter what, anything you pick up here is better than the ‘best’ shampoo sold in the grocery store. So here’s what to look for. Find the shampoo that looks right for you by the description…it’s easy!

If your hair is color treated, buying a color safe shampoo will buy you the most time for you color.

If your hair feels dry, make sure you find something that claims to have moisturizing properties in the description.

If you need volume, look for something with volumizing properties, stating that it promotes volume.

Also, try not to follow trends too much. If you’re buying sulfate-free shampoo, know why. Are you sensitive to sulfates? Is your hair color treated? If not, there is no need to search the shelves for sulfate free. If your hair and scalp is beyond dry, you are sensitive, or your hair is colored to cover grey, sulfate free is a good option for you. The most important sulfate to avoid is sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfite, or anything worded similar. Think SLS.

We all have our favorite brands. What are your favorite Beauty Brand shampoo brands? Share why, and help others find their fit in this liter sale madness!

Have a great night, friends. Please, keep the blog ideas coming. I LOVE hearing from you. It makes it easier for me to provide the things that you love to read, and keeps me writing, knowing that you’re reading!


3 thoughts on “Summer product picks.

  1. Well at least I’m doing something right! Been using Moroccan Oil for years – I love it! It’s lightweight and smells amazing, not to mention leaves your hair so shiny and smooth. And thanks for the tips on the liters, lady! It sounds like common sense is all it takes. 🙂

  2. I was introduced to the liter sale by a friend. I color my hair dark drown…gotta cover that old lady grey (I figure I have the rest of my life to have grey hair). I walked out with a product by the name of AG Hair Cosmetics Color Hair shampoo and the conditioner too…Sulfate-free. So far I am pretty happy with the product…smells good also. It’s not Aveda or Pureology which I love….but the price is right! Bought the guys Crew three in one…

    I came straight home and called my beautiful neice and asked her opinion! Her advice was I did good and give it a try!

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