Weekend recap!

Happy Monday, friends! I don’t typically work Mondays, but today I worked a nice long day, which was fine, as it poured rain all day. Thank goodness, Colorado needs it so right now.

Our weekend consisted of sushi eating, an engagement party celebration for our friends Nate and Lily, poker playing (for the fellas, wine drinking for the ladies), and of course, walking the pups at the boxer rescue that we volunteer at. Now, these boxers (and a few American Bulldogs) have a shelter at least, but the conditions are sad. Very sad. It’s a good thing we drove my little Jetta there this weekend, or with the way we both left feeling, we would have out all 23 home-seeking dogs in our car. 

Here are some pictures of Monroe and Madison, the American Bulldogs that we got to walk with on Saturday. They are brother and sister, and are about 6 years old. They are the gentlest little giants, and luckily, dogs that big get worn out fast. They were up for some shade-layin’ and water-drinkin’ within about 10 minutes.

IMG_6253 IMG_6246 IMG_6267 IMG_6269 IMG_6255 IMG_6259 IMG_6263

So, we’re doing what we can for now, until we can buy a large farm and take in every dog that needs our help. Someday, right? These two pups didn’t even know the word ‘treat’. That almost broke my heart. Sweet, sweet dogs. I hope they find their forever home together, and very soon.

I am currently obsessed with Miley Cirus’ new song. The video, however, I wish I ‘d never seen. And since when does she sing about cocaine? Oh well, have a look., and have a great night.


Look for some super healthy recipes this next few weeks! It’s no secret that I’ve packed on a few lbs, but it’s nothing I can’t get back off quickly if I get right on it 😉





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