Weekend recap!

Hey everyone! It’s Monday. Let’s just get past that part. I am excited because my Aunt and Uncle are in town from Iowa! We are having dinner with them tonight after work. Yes work. I know, it’s Monday and I said I’d never work a Monday again. Anyways, they are headed up to The Westin in Beaver Creek where we got married to spend some more time there because my aunt loved it so much, an my uncle wasn’t able to make it. We are jealous that we can’t tag along…but sure hope they have a good time!

Speaking of work…today is Aaron’s last day at his job! We are celebrating with a shared day off tomorrow! So excited for him. He flip flopped a bit about leaving his current job, but I really think he made the right decision…and he does too!

Our weekend was a quick one! You’ll soon notice that NO pictures will posted in this post. You see, early Saturday morning, my phone took a little swim. A fully submerged in water swim. Yikes. Yesterday, it gave me an hour of false hope by turning on and working perfectly. Then, this morning when my alarm failed to go off, I knew it was a goner again.

Saturday I did hair for a wedding in Vail. It was an absolutely gorgeous day up there, they the venue was amazing. Everyone got ready at The Sebastian Hotel (where their reception later took place.)

jacuzzi--v1018399-12-w688 sebastian_3

They got married on a picturesque golf course, in fact the one where we took some photos for my friend Amanda’s recent wedding.


The bride and her bridesmaids all looked beautiful! The bride, Erin, chose my new favorite trend…one style for the ceremony, and another for the reception! You may have seen this at my cousin Kala’s wedding, and Amanda’s as well.


943177_10152793597500608_1900023811_n 935282_10151368168197234_1383960825_n







One more….I had to…..





Pics of Erin and her hair change to come! (Please, don’t rub in the broken phone part).

Speaking of favorite hair trends…..I am happy to announce that I truly believe for the first time ever…..EVERY hair length is in style. Typically, if you asked me, I would say ‘stick to dramatic..either SHORT or LONG, no in between’. But I can really say, I am digging ‘in between’ lengths right now. I think it’s because they are finally being done right. No more of this…

th (8)

…and way more of this. Thank God.


Yes, please! Love it, wanna see more of it!

However, if you ARE craving some drama, I am still a sucker for these super short, and uber long styles right now. Just ask a few of my friends who I am swaying into a few of them. Hair envy. The blondies and shorties that I can’t quite pull off. My friends are some of my favorite models.


Whoa. Major short hair envy. Did you know that Miley was the first woman to pose on the cover of Maxim with short hair? She also won sexiest cover woman that year. Coincidence? I think not. That’s what I love about short hair. The confidence of it.

And if you possess that will power to let it grow…and grow….here are some sexy beachy styles to strive for!

thCAK9EFQ9 thCAK3EWSX thCA3N7WCK thCA1J6310 marisa-millers-Long-Hairstyle

Hope this hair makes you as excited as it makes me! Have a great week everyone!


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