Weekend recap, and summer salad!

Hey everyone! Here I am again, writing about another weekend. Seems like I write only about the weekends anymore. Yes, it’s been a busy summer, and I promise I’ll get back to five at least three days a week asap 🙂

This weekend, I went to a bachelorette party for one of my oldest, and dearest friends. You may know Ally from these days;


We grew up together, and I even lived with her and her family for a time when my mom was sick. We were inseparable in high school, and although we’ve both grown into very different people than we were then, we’ve remained great friends. Ally lives in Austin now with her fiancé, Craig (pictured below in this adorable pic from our wedding. I always knew she was smarted that me…see here…she wore a coat. Good call, Al)


Having attended college in Fort Collins, Ally wanted come back and have a Colorado weekend bachelorette. Love it.

We met in Fort Collins at 415 Restaurant. It was amazing food, excellent G-Free menu I might add, and we were all able to get caught up. Some of us had never met, or seen each other in years, but we all had a great time. It was a great group.


Then, we were off to The New Belgium Brewery for a tour and some tasting! Not being able to drink beer, I had never been on a brewery tour, so it was awesome! Within minutes, I was learning things. For example, Trippel is not pronounced ‘Trippeeelllll’, but like ‘Triple’. 5 years later, I am able to properly pronounce New Belgium beers. Congratulations, Amanda. We got to pour beer, and grab fresh Fat Tires right off the line!

IMG_0143 IMG_0112 IMG_0114 IMG_0118

Why are we wearing sunglasses? Well, they’re cooler than safety goggles. I mean…we were already wearing these shoes…



She’s really something, isn’t she? Sorry fellas…she’s taken.

We also got to go down a giant slide. It was just like Village Square Day Care all over again, minus the carrying our beers down the slide part.


There was also this beautiful piece of art work, with the phrase ‘making your love and talent manifest’. I loved it. And these adorable lockers too,

IMG_0119 IMG_0120

Then, we were off to a cabin at Red Feather lakes. I had no idea that they built ‘cabins’ this beautiful. It was so secluded, and fit us all, plus had an amazing fire pit/hot tub area where we just relaxed an talked every night. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. We also headed to the lake one day to relax before the storms moved in. It was all around beautiful, not to mention the black bear we saw (from our cars thank goodness),and  the two deer who just came to eat and chill while we were just feet away from them on the deck! Here are some pics from the weekend. Don’t be alarmed by the bright pink lips that keep popping up. Ally has an obsession with a new lip color to say the least. When Candy Yum Yum comes out, you put it on. No questions asked. And it stays on. For days.

IMG_0130 IMG_0142 IMG_0147IMG_0144 IMG_0141 IMG_0165

What an amazing weekend. Thank goodness I get to see these gals all again in 5 short weeks!

Last night, upon returning home, 2 very strange things happened. 1st, Aaron asked if I could make a salad. Stop rubbing your eyes, you read that right. I love getting salads at restaurants to see what’s in them, and then trying to duplicate them at home. One that I make a lot is a super simple BBQ chicken salad, with BBQ ranch dressing. It’s beyond easy, so I whipped it right up with joy, happy that Aaron was about to willingly eat something green.

Just start with whatever type of lettuce you like. Leafy romaine is best with this fresh, summery salad. Then, make your dressing. It’s so simple. Mix half and half of your favorite BBQ sauce, and your favorite ranch dressing. And yes, this  IS a gravy boat.


Then, boil and shred some chicken, and coat it in BBQ sauce. You could also  grill the chicken!


Lastly, add your favorite ingredients. Our go tos here are corn, black beans, and tortilla strips. Mix them all in, top with some chicken, and you’ve got an EASY, fresh, and light summer salad.


Maybe it will even leave your steak eating, carb loading husband begging for salads on random Sunday evenings!

The 2nd weird thing you ask? Well, if you’ve been to our house, you know we have cabinets up to our ceilings. Our very high ceilings, in our kitchen. I have been known to climb up on the sink to get things out, or to store sweaters. But I can’t ‘reach’ them by any means. Last night, I walked into the kitchen TWICE to find one of them open. A different one each time. NOT cool when you have just seen The Conjuring, and when your husband is gone all week for work. yikes. See how high these babies are?


Anyways, if my next post is about my ghost hunting skills, don’t be surprised.

Have a great week, everyone!


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