Messy Bun tutorial.

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Another request for a great hairstyle here on the blog today. Thanks for your suggestions! I love them. Inspiration 🙂

I do wear my hair down just about every day. However, I am thrilled to throw it up every now and then, and even more thrilled that it has become a trend, making it an acceptable style to wear to work, weddings, etc. I just love buns in general. Mostly on other people, especially ballerinas. I love the way they elongate necks, and show off dimension in hair.

Here is a super great alternative to the uber polished sock bun. I can never understand…is there really a sock in there? I still haven’t figured out the sock bun. I promise you though, this one is so much easier. It’s easiest if your hair has some bend to it, so either curled like mine here, or using your natural wave. Plus, I just wanted to show off my new color again,


Oh you like those red lips? They came in my birch boxes this month.

Now, grab a flat brush, 5 or 6 bobby pins, and a hair tie.


Ok, flip that head upside down and start smoothing things upward into a high pony,

IMG_0397 IMG_0394 IMG_0390 IMG_0400

Secure that HIGH pony, and flip back over.


Tada! Now, start backcombing that entire pony to thicken it up. We want a bulky bun here. Use you flat brush and remember…only tease enough that you can smooth out. We don’t want a rat’s nest. Circular, downward motions,

IMG_0402 IMG_0403

Next, it’s really time to start gently twisting, tucking, and pinning. The idea is to pin as you twist, so it lays just like you’re making it look while you hold it there. so starting to the right, twist slightly, and swoop down. Now pin!

IMG_0406 IMG_0408

Now, around toward the back…twisting, twisting.


And finally, swoop it around to the front, twisting and tucking any of those ends that want to stick out!

IMG_0410 IMG_0411

Now, tug lightly at it to make it as full as you’d like it. If you don’t want more fullness, you’re done!


Spray, spray spray, and get on with your day! Summer messy but is where it’s at. Go rock your bun.

IMG_0428 IMG_0437

Selfies. Aaron gave up on the photos taking by the end, I was getting a little bossy over-insturcting.

Have a great week everyone!


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