Palazzo Pants, Healthy Mexican

Love them or hate them? I  got very mixed reviews today, but mostly…people LOVED them. Including me!


I love how the legs are so wide and flowy. kind of made me want to start belly dancing, or doing yoga.


Get yourself a pair! I got these at Boheme at Flat Irons mall.


Also, I finally got my SHIELDS drivers license in the mail today, after the first one was ‘lost’ in the mail and I had the pleasure of going back to the DMV to get a second one. Olive was excited too. It’s official, Olive! (Only took 10.5 months)


….aaaannnndd just one last shot of my aahhhh-mazing hair color. It just looks better every day, I’m obsessed!


Check in later this week for a tutorial on these curls, and some killer tips on fillin in your brows!


Now, I am sure when you read ‘healthy mexican’, you thought I was referring to myself. Maybe it’s because you noticed in those pictures that I have lost 5 pounds? (On the Advocare 24 Day Challenge of which I am on day 10!) But rather, I am referring to the dinner I made tonight. And by tonight, I mean that the crock pot made for me today while I was working. Yes, I am aware that it reached 100 degrees today, but when you don’t get home until 8:30 pm, you don’t discriminate against breaking out that big hot beast mid summer.

I am constantly craving Mexican food, but in this phase of the cleanse, I have eliminated dairy, any complex carbohydrates, sugar, caffeine, etc. Protein, fats, and veggies are recommended for dinner. So I popped some chicken breasts (3 large ones) in the crock pot and added the following ingredients.

1 c black beans

1/4 cup green chili (I use 505, as it is gluten free and delicious!)

1t paprika

1t chili powder

1 t cumin

1t garlic powder

Cook on low for 5 hours, and voila! I ate mine plain in a bowl with 1/2 avocado, while Aaron ate his over corn chips, with cheese! Yum! So many options, you could even wrap it up in a tortilla. In my dream world, that’s how I ate mine. With lot’s of sour cream.


Tune in tomorrow to hear all about the challenge!

See you all tomorrow! Have a great night!



2 thoughts on “Palazzo Pants, Healthy Mexican

  1. Yum! Dinner sounded amazing and will be something Jon and I will be making in the near future! I also love your palazzo pants! Do you think I could pull those off in Northwest Iowa? LOL!

    • You guys should! It’s SO easy. People might think you’re trying to wear you pajamas around NW Iowa, but you better get a pair to wear when you visit us here 🙂

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