Best dang hot tools, period!

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re having a great week! I wanted to address some of my favorite hot tools, from blow dryers to curling irons, per the request of a devoted reader. Thanks for the idea, friend! ­čÖé It’s a great one!

The key here is to remember that like with anything, an initial investment will save you from having to replace something over and over, and eventually cost you more in the end. Also, remember that you don’t always have to pay for a ‘professional’ tool. What makes those professional tools so great, is that they last, and last, and last. Professionals use these tools up to 15 times a day, so they need longevity. Even if you can find something with 1/2 that longevity, you’ll be set for YEARS!

Lastly, KEEP THE BOX. These tools have warranties, folks! Check them out right away to ensure that you get yours replaced if something should go wrong. Let’s start with blow dryers.

You probably hear words like tourmaline, ion, etc thrown around a lot! Ion dryers are pricey, and they key is, they add a lot of shine. They are generally quiet, and dry your hair surprisingly quickly, but tend to lack power. If your hair is on the fine to medium side, an ionic dryer will benefit you! Here are 2 brands I would recommend.

babyliss-pro-2800-super-turbo-hair-dryer-170x170┬á– For $70.00, you get a 2 year warranty, and you’ll see this Babyliss brand come up again in the flat iron section. I love this brand, and it’s affordable! Light weight is key. Save┬áthe┬áheavy┬álifting for the gym.

Not all hair is made equal. If you have a mound of hair, and are looking for something to cut your time down, you need power. Your hair can likely┬átolerate more heat. The Hot Dog is my all time favorite dryer. It is practically┬áa leaf blower. I stumbled upon this beauty at a show in NYC about 3 years ago, and it’s been my best investment. I have had clients offer my money to take it home with them right then. I own 2 of these. One for the salon, and one for home. I don’t leave home without it, as it has cut my blow dry time in HALF. The price point is slightly higher, but I see these go one sale from $100, to $80 multiple times.


My favorite style right now? Curls. Big ones, small ones, waves. It’s rare that I see curls that I don’t like. I only have one thing to say here. The Wand. The best invention ever. No clamp marks, no sore wrists from clamping, and these babies get hot enough to make your curls last. All. Day. And. Night. The best part? This one I am about to share with you comes with 3 attachments, so you can have various sizes of curls, all from one iron. Oh yeah, and it’s (ahem, ahem) $40. Four. Zero. Get it girl.


Lastly, you will always come back to the flat iron at some point. I promise. It’s hard for me to┬ápush aside┬ámy ‘only have eyes for curls’ goggles, but I still love straight, smooth hair. Having an adjustable temp is key. Throw away your CHI. Or sell it to someone who doesn’t care about their hair like you do! Not everyone’s hair can handle 450 degrees. Look for ceramic┬áor titanium┬áhere. These two materials heat up evenly, rather than having hot spots that could burn your hair. Ouch.

This iron comes in a 1 inch and a 1.5 inch. The 1 inch is better for shorter hair, and the 1.5 inch makes the flat ironing process go much faster on long hair.


I hope you all got something out of this post. Also, if you missed the post on protecting your hair from these tools, or need a refresher, visit this post!

Have a wonderful last week of August, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Best dang hot tools, period!

  1. Loved this post!! Special Request: Can you please now do a tutorial/follow up post on how to curl your hair with these wands?

    I bought one similar and returned it because I couldnt figure it out without burning the sh*t out of my hands…even with a glove. There has to be an easier way! Then maybe you can include how to get the big loose waves like: too? ­čÖé Although, you teach me all these fancy tricks, I may not be able to part with my length when you come visit in a week!! Thanks friend!!

    • Thanks, Ellen! I will definitely post a curls tutorial! Trying to find some time to do some videos! I think that’s the easiest was to learn. ­čÖé hahaha-you can still do some stinkin cute waves on shorter hair! ­čÖé

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