Monster Cookies and Monster Knives

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend! While mine involved a LOT of work (two weddings), I did have a great time, and my Sunday bride, Melissa, had one of my favorite looks of all times. Lace, red lips, hair in a classic updo, plus…she is gorgeous! Here are a few quick pics of this awesome setting in Boulder.

IMG_0704 IMG_0708 IMG_0706IMG_0705

I DID have to do some baking this weekend. As you all know, I have been on a cleanse for a while now, but I miss baking. I CAN bake things, and just give them away. If I do it immediately. Otherwise, I will eat them all in one sitting. I have been deemed ‘The Cookie Monster” by my very own husband. Once I have one….you better get yours fast, or they’ll be gone.

I am truly a believer of the more the merrier, including when it comes to ingredients in cookies! So I saw some fall colored m&ms at Target in the checkout line (such a sucker for these purchases), and decided on Monster Cookies. Peanut Butter is a natural thickener and binding agent, so you don’t even have to use flour. SO if you can eat oats, these are naturally gluten free. I will warn you that gluten is about the only thing they are free of. So preheat your over to 350, and find a good hiding spot for these babies, or friends to give them away to. Or just be prepared to eat the whole batch.

First, mix 1 cup sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 stick of melted butter, and 1.5 cups crunchy peanut butter with an electric mixer.

Add in 3 eggs, and 1.5 t vanilla.

Next, add in 4 cups certified gluten free oats, and 2 t baking soda. Mix well with electric mixer.

Turn mixer off, lick batter.

Now, add in 1 c. m&ms, and 1 c. chocolate chips. Mix these in by hand. Add more if you really like chocolate.

Spoon in 2 in x 2 in balls on greased cookie sheets, and bake for 10 minutes.

Transfer to cooling rack immediately for a chewier cookie, or let cool on the cookie sheets for a more solid cookie.

IMG_0733 IMG_0734

Confession: I ate some. While they were warm. mmmmmm. So, off to Bank of America the rest those cookies went. I saved half the dough for a day when I can really splurge. Try them, you’ll love them!

Onto this monster knife you see mentioned in the title. Tonight, upon arriving home, Aaron already had his mind set of some dinner. He started his cleanse, and is going strong. He had chicken out and ready to make, and I suggested he cut up some tomatoes and an avocado to beef it up a bit.

As I was returning a few client emails, I heard him shout louder than I ever have before. He was just saying ‘oh my God, oh my God. I just put a knife straight through my hand!’ I was so shocked, that immediately as I got up, I almost sat back down as I said ‘I know you’re teasing me, but I’m coming anways’

I was so wrong. He had clearly paced in circles before getting that hand under some water in the sink….there was a blood trail in a circle on the kitchen floor! Of course, I had to see. I got a good look at the 1.5 inch gash about 1.5 inches below the base of his middle finger. Then, he flipped his hand over. Straight through his hand was NOT an understatement. I looked over at the avocado and saw this…


How he managed to pull the knife back out of his hand is beyond me. Within 2 minutes, he was already starting to say ‘I’ll just put some Neosporin on it’, and I had Olive outside, shoes on, towel tied around his hand, and shoveling us out the door, Urgent Care on the horn.

Upon arrival at Urgent Care. It went a little something like this:

Aaron: ‘I put  knife through my hand’

Nurse: ‘You cut yourself, or it went through?’ (assuming he was just exaggerating)

Aaron: ‘Through. In, and all the way out’ (showing the nurse)  We heard a bit of ewwing from the others waiting.

They took us straight back, and within minutes were sending us to the ER, explaining that he would need a CT scan to see which nerves and tendons he had severed on along the way, and we could also get some referrals for hand surgeons. He took a deep breath, and again we were off to the car, and on to the next. Aaron was getting a little light headed, and his hand was finally starting to hurt.

In the ER, we lucked out. We were moved ahead of the folks going though drug with drawls, and hernias, because Aaron was ‘bleeding out’ as he called it. We got back to see the doctor, and Aaron was so scared!


Just kidding….


At this point, things had really calmed down, and people were done throwing around words like ‘hand surgeon’. A few quick shots to numb his hand, which he did not love, and the stitching began. I was naturally asking a million questions, partly to help keep Aaron’s mind off the stitching and needles, and then asked if he could show me the stitching procedure in detail. I waited until I watched 2 before I asked If I could do one. I think I was a surgeon in my past life.

Aaron’s potential hand modeling career may be over (too bad cause we could have used that $ to put me through med school), but he took it like a champ. I mean seriously, a knife in one side of your hand, and completely out the other side, and all you did was yell a little? Badass. Don’t make me brag.

Anyways.. I’ll save the detailed pics for those who ASK for them, and are in to the blood and guts thing like I am, but here is his severed nerves and all hand, posing with the infamous knife and avocado.


Poor guy is recovering on the couch, and will probably be taking the fishing, golfing, softball playing, and even typing off the agenda for a while per the request of the doctor (not me, the real one).

Now the question is, does anyone know a Boy Scout out there that could teach this man how to cut AWAY from his hand? OOOORRRRR maybe I’ll just keep my mouth shut since I am the one who suggested that avocado to begin with.

Hope you all have a great, ER trip free week! I’ll keep ya posted on Aaron’s progress! Thanks for reading!


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