Did y’all enjoy Austin?

We did. We suuuuure did.

Aaron and I just returned from a trip to Austin for my oldest friend, Ally’s wedding. She lives there now, and it took her getting married to finally get us down there. But let’s just say, we WILL be back. I mean, I could get used to summer weather always, living on Mexican food and BBQ, doors being held open always, never carrying my bag once, and men getting up from their chairs to let me sit down. Southern gentlemen is an understatement.

Ally and Craig sure know how to throw a wedding. A wedding weekend I should say. They had activities planned, and made everyone feel so welcomed. We were also very happy to get away from the rain, that we had no idea was going to turn into such a devastating flood. The stories I came back to from my clients (99% of them live in Boulder county) were beyond terrible.

Anyways, we started off with a little cruise on this amazing boat on the river on Thursday night,

IMG_0878 IMG_0879

Friday morning, we got our nails done, of course,


and then if was off to rehearsal and dinner at Franklin’s bbq, which is extremely well known world wide. Look at these cute Texas and Iowa combo centerpieces:


We all ate until we couldn’t move. Literally. We had to walk home, just to walk of some food. We did make a pit stop at Dogwood, which apparently is ex-bachelor Brad Womack’s bar.

IMG_0892 IMG_0902

Saturday, I was hard at work doing hair and makeup for the wedding party, and of course, the beautiful bride!! We have talked about this day since we were little, including that I would do her hair and makeup. Everyone was in great spirits, and we had a blast getting ready. Aaron and the other husbands did some tailgating at UT, and pretended to be Longhorn fans for a day!

The entire wedding went off without a hitch! The venue was a charming, 1920’s mansion, which is SO Ally. It was gorgeous.

IMG_0984 IMG_0972 IMG_0958 IMG_0971

At night, it transformed with chandeliers that were hanging from trees lighting up, and a bluegrass band, Wood and Wire, playing all night.

IMG_1022 IMG_1030

They were great. Of course, you can’t forget the photo booth!

i-gzrf8pF-M i-C2vVbrK-M i-qkd7Mnf-M i-2kX3Hm2-M i-Gjs2bmP-M i-72jvsN2-M

It was hard saying goodbye to Ally and Craig the next day, as well as a couple other high school friends that I miss seeing more of. But the wedding weekend was just so fun. Everything was perfect.

Aaron and I decided to stay a few extra days, and I am so glad we did. We explored, shopped, ATE, laid by the pool, and relaxed. Austin has so much to see, so we really tried to fit it all in. Here are some of our favorite spots, should you decide to give Austin a try someday.

Franklins BBQ (best BBQ ever-must try the espresso BBQ sauce)-http://franklinbarbecue.com/

La Condesa (an adorable Mexican restaurant-must try the Mexican sweet corn!)-https://lacondesa.com/austin

The Cedar Door (great food and happy hour)-www.cedardooraustin.com

Parts and Labor (great shopping)-http://partsandlabour.blogspot.com/

Y&I (great shopping)-http://www.shopyandi.com/

Eleven Eleven (great shopping)-www.shopeleveneleven.com

Daily Juice (awesome smoothies)-http://dailyjuice.org/

Turf and Surf (great for game watching and good food)-

And more pics just for fun! 🙂

IMG_1043 IMG_1034 IMG_0983 IMG_0982 IMG_0981 IMG_0951



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