One year later.

This Sunday, the 13th, is our 1 year anniversary of being married. (whoa) If you’ve been married for a year, you know how fast it goes. If you’ve been married longer, please tell me time slows down! I feel like starting the week of our wedding, life is moving in fast motion! If you want to bypass all the mushy stuff…skip to the bottom for our wedding videos an slideshow 😉

I promise I’ll try to pretend I haven’t turned into a sap about this kind of stuff. The truth is, I cried in the anniversary ‘for my husband’ aisle for about 15 minutes on Sunday. I spent some time working on a couple of Aaron’s gifts tonight, and crying a little more. The truth is, I still don’t know how I got so lucky. I wonder every day.

Here’s a little year in review:

October 13th, 2012: We got married at The Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa in Beaver Creek, Colorado. It was an amazing weekend full of friends, family and love. While it poured rain all morning, and night, it cleared up, dried out, and warmed up slightly for our ceremony. We had 116 guests, and couldn’t have asked for more than having our favorite people all in one place. I felt  ridiculously fortunate to have so many people travel to help us celebrate our big day!

182318_10152308241305608_1327177924_n (2) 487011_10152308164800608_1183029739_n 559806_10152308110410608_904932850_n (2) 189863_10152308073880608_846391235_n (2) 32414_10152308012685608_1689183665_n (3) 16075_10152308008725608_194349027_n63124_10152207305850608_326761570_n 579417_10152207319925608_1688516456_n 30757_10152207196800608_359665434_n 580739_10152207161980608_1500627333_n 602448_10152207305350608_400362716_n (2) 578525_10152207159220608_1548942819_n 407622_10152207157445608_646060028_n 198194_10152308110425608_1014178110_n 481613_10152308075945608_1926673215_n

Then, we did a little honeymoonin in Tulum, Mexico. We LOVE it there. We did a lot of napping, wedding reminiscing, guacamole eating, and margarita drinking.

576388_10152209922755608_765295239_n 28886_10152209921685608_1888405041_n 560817_10152209918625608_309210580_n 550490_10152209934430608_1053508660_n 69727_10152209931685608_1125685675_n 184998_10152209929565608_947781046_n 183894_10152209930490608_1850625675_n 197555_10152209931580608_1952641188_n

We hosted a nice little Thanksgiving, or ‘Friendsgiving’ at our house for our first holiday as a married couple.


Then, it was ski season, pretty self explanatory. Ski condo with friends for the season, and lots of snow.

226516_10152629931640377_252666547_n 313857_10152629926315377_1936100298_n 733940_10152642597090608_1100574347_n

Celebrated Christmas with friends sailing the French Polynesian Islands, on good ol’ Dim Sum:

eifwcqg6vvyy9nmseudqyw-medium eifwcqgpogoiefzt1cg8gn-large eifwcqykpux8nshmotibvp-large eifwcqafmbau4mdmwlh3ip-small eifwcqnfypdtkzs4us5fzy-small eifwcqy83kdwbnpdi70re7-small eifwcqb3h5ctp7cpmkwhp5-smalldjqhibxgizguznsqevpi7o-small djqhib9gimozzu7rdcs87b-small djqhibzbcbbpq1x6uohqpk-small djqhibdrvvgzgaaenbuio8-small OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA eifwcq6lh6fcg7ubgff6en-large eifwcquabn0fk0i2czke4r-smalldjqhibbaouabxxh7ilwndn-small djqhibee1cswfqgqktk9zd-small

As well as some family and work holiday celebrations here in CO


Made it back to Denver within minutes of the clock striking 2013….


Aaron turned 34, and some great friends from Ft. Collins and Denver combined came out for a fun birthday dinner, and celebration at our house!….and somehow we don’t have any pictures to document that, but I promise, he had a great time!

I turned 30, and we took a fabulous trip to Crested Butte.

IMG_5515 IMG_5522

IMG_5719 IMG_5718 IMG_5731 IMG_5761

Aaron started a new job that he is loving. He is now with Bank Of America, writing mortgages for them! They are lucky to have him. He’s been there since July, and it’s been a great fit since day 1.

We attended 6 weddings of dear friends since we said ‘I do’

1231072_10153308780865608_1515189305_n 1004570_10152952278180608_485580298_n 943177_10152793597500608_1900023811_n (2)537647_10152323310375608_2111459794_n536922_10151436468048402_829116165_nphoto (3)

Speaking of weddings, I have done hair and makeup for 19 weddings this wedding season. 4 more to go.

Aaron proudly inherited a fishing boat over the summer:

1150913_10153161584295608_247432768_n 1009857_10153161573450608_1858962377_n 1173832_10153161584055608_500051658_n

I, on the other hand, opted for a new car! So long Jetta…..hello Murano 🙂

photo (4)photo (5)


Here’s a few things you may have missed last year. Our wedding video, and our slideshow that our dear friend, and bridesmaid, Ellen made for us. We had never seen it, so it was such a nice surprise on our wedding night!


Long Video:



We made it through the first year, and we’ve learned a lot. We’ve grown as a couple, and as individuals. They say the first year is the hardest, but surely there has got to be something harder than this! Here’s to many more years! I can’t wait to see what year 2 brings to the Shields family! Stay tuned to find out!

I’ll leave you with a reading from our wedding. Have a great weekend, everyone! We will be back at The Westin celebrating our anniversary!





9 thoughts on “One year later.

  1. it’s hard to believe it’s been a year, already! time sure flies when you’re having fun! cheers to you two! btw…thanks for including some pics of ryan & I!

  2. New car?! Man! I am so behind! Now we won’t get our cars mixed up. 🙂 amazing year and so honored to be a part of it. Love you and your hubby (and olive too)!

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