Anniversary getaway!

One year down, and they say the first year is the hardest! Surely there has got to be something harder than this!

At dinner, over some wine, I asked Aaron some questions that I also answered about a man’s view on the wedding, and marriage. Here it goes.

What was your favorite part of our wedding day?

Aaron: Getting to see you for the first time. It took all of the anxiety away.

Me: ME TOO!!

What is your favorite thing about being married?

Aaron: Getting to come home to you every night.

Me: Why?

Aaron: Because you’re my best friend!


What’s you favorite part about me?

Aaron: Answer #1 was inappropriate, but answer #2 was my humor. Turns out he DOES think I’m funny!

Me: How nice he is to me, and everyone around us. And it’s genuine.

That’s enough of the mush-fest for now. Our weekend was fantastic, and it almost felt as if we were about it do it all over again when we pulled in. We had a blast just the two of us, but couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was to have all our friends and family there with us on the big day last year.

I think I said about 8395 times that our wedding was the best day of my life. Luckily, Aaron agreed. We spied on another couple’s wedding, and while their weather was definitely better than ours, their dance floor was 1/8th as full. What’s more important to you? My guests knew what was more important to me. As my dear friend LizΒ  says ‘the only socially acceptable activity at a wedding is dancing.’ Love it!

We ate, and drank, and ate, and drank. Hot tubbed, and hot tubbed some more. Relaxed a lot, and most importantly, walked to the exact places we said ‘I do’, had our first kiss as a married couple, and our first dance. We even had lunch at our rehearsal dinner spot. You can guess who’s ideas those were πŸ˜‰


IMG_1613 IMG_1605 IMG_1553 IMG_1556 IMG_1616 IMG_1619

IMG_1524 IMG_1522

We also did a lot of fire place soaking up. There WILL be a fire place in our next house!

IMG_1589 IMG_1588 IMG_1580

Walking, and enjoying the fall colors..they were stunning!

IMG_1621 IMG_1602 IMG_1543 IMG_1510

Of course Olive was there, enjoying fresh air, Heavenly Beds, and wedding cake.

IMG_1655 IMG_1567 IMG_1558 IMG_1514

Did I mention that this was our favorite 1 year tradition? Busting open the top of our wedding cake and devouring it having a few bites? We had heard stories about how it wasn’t good, but ours sure was.

IMG_1638 IMG_1637

I just loved the card Aaron got for me. I may have actually asked this question before…so now he has a come back…


Then, on our ACTUAL anniversary, we had some weather that looked a lot like our wedding day!

IMG_1631 IMG_1633

Then yesterday, we woke up to SNOW! So pretty.

IMG_1663 IMG_1660

I’ll leave you with some more great shots! Including my laying around in my wedding dress (I HAD to put it on), a part of my gift to Aaron, and more! Have a great day, everyone. πŸ™‚

IMG_1646 IMG_1607 IMG_1598 IMG_1594 IMG_1593 IMG_1577 IMG_1534 IMG_1538 IMG_1479 IMG_1462 IMG_1460 IMG_1448


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