‘Look alive’ makeup

As promised, a little makeup tutorial for you all this morning! I made sure to start soon after I woke up, so you could see what I’m workin with in the mornings. I don’t know about you all, but every year older I get, adds about 3 minutes to my makeup application time, which used to be about 30 seconds when I had even, flawless skin. Here are a few things I am trying to correct.

1. Dark circles. We’re talkin dark.

2. Uneven pigment throughout my face.

3. Sparse brows.

4. Uni-cheek as I call it. I have lost some definition of my cheekbones.

Here is what you need for this quick tutorial:

  • Concealer. I use Nars’ concealer in Ginger. If you don’t have as dark of circles as me, I recommend finding a highlighter/concealer in one. I am not a candidate for that. (My friend Amanda uses a Sephora brand)
  • A loose or pressed full coverage powder foundation.
  • Bronzer. I recommend Sephora Brand or Mac, find a color that works for your skin tone. I would avoid shimmer here if you’re over 25. Except for special occasions.
  • Mascara. If you MUST have waterproof, do me a favor and but 1 waterproof, 1 non waterproof. Waterproof mascara will literally break off you lashes. So 1 coat of non waterproof first will help protect those gems.
  • Eye shadow. One shade that you like for your entire lid will work here, and if you’re daring, grab a second shade slightly darker than the first.
  • Something to fill in your brows. I will be using Benefit Gimme Brow, as well as a shadow and an angle brush to show you two applications.

Let’s get started with some embarrassing pictures.

photo (10)

Look at those weeny browns, dark circles, and notice the difference in shades between point 1 and 2 on my face? Now watch this.

photo (11)

As you can see on my right side (your left), my circles are nearly gone, my brows are actually there, and my face face some contour. That eye actually looks awake!

photo (13) photo (12)

Here’s a closer view of before and after. I just look alive! Enhanced, but not overdone. Which is pretty much the look I go for every day.

Now get your makeup out, let’s start!

Start with concealer. Apply with the stick, and spread with your fingers. Skin on skin gives you the best application.

picture005 picture006 picture007

Next, with a large blush brush, apply your pressed or loose powder all over your face.


Next, grab your bronzer, and a smaller blush brush, and apply bronzer in the contour of your cheek, right below the bone, and at the top of your cheekbone closest to your hairline. Do this in a circular motion so it stays blended. I LOVE bronzer…see how happy I get here? Starting to look alive.

picture011 picture012

Also, apply to the very tip top of your forehead, where the sun would hit, and a nice strip down the center of your nose.

picture016 picture015

Now, time to fill in your brows. This great product has a small mascara wand looking attachment on the end, so it makes it super easy. Just brush onto you brow HAIR first, if you’d like it more dramatic, you can put it right on your skin.

picture020 picture022 picture023

Now, take your favorite shadow shade, and apply to your entire upper eyelid.

picture024 picture025

If you’d like a little extra, grab that next darkest shade, and using the tip of your shadow brush, brush it along your lash line on your upper AND lower lash.

picture027 picture028

Now we’re off to mascara. The BEST touch to your eyes. Remember, try NOT to apply waterproof mascara to your bare lashes. Try at least one coat of regular, topped with one coat of waterproof. I know I need at least that one coat of waterproof or I look like a mess by noon.

Start at the base of your lashes, with the brush completely horizontal. Gently wiggle the brush as you work base to ends of lashes. Do the same thing on the bottom if you need a little down there as well. I do 2 coats everyday in this exact same manner.

picture029 picture032

Lastly, with the tip of your mascara wand, pull a few lashes on the outside corner of your eyes out, to give your eyes some width.

picture031 picture035

Viola! This should take you no longer than 5 minutes!

Lesson learned…next time I will actually BRUSH my hair before doing this (I mean its my day off an I have makeup on already, gimme a break), and make better faces. In better lighting. Hope you liked it anyways. You want more hair and makeup, you got it! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!



2 thoughts on “‘Look alive’ makeup

  1. Hello Beautiful neice of mine! Thanks for the tips….going to definitely grab that brow filler…mine are like super bad. Bronzer application…neverwould have thought about just those areas! Good to catch up on your blog!

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