‘Tis the season!

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you read this blog for healthy recipes, it’s time to check on out. Yep, just x out of this post.

If you think the holidays are a time to limit yourself to a few treats eat treats until your belly hurts, the read on sister. Read on.

I love hosting, and my girlfriends and I have an annual gift exchange, with treats, wine, and a little white elephant style gift swap. This year, I offered to host, as we put up our first tree!

photo (19) photo (20)

photo (18)

I decided to make a few appetizers, and of course, a few desserts. Now, none of these were my original recipes, so I’ll share each link with you. I hope you’re able to use one of two for your next holiday get together!

photo (17)

Note: substituted all glutenous items (oreos, breadcrumbs, flour) with g-free versions, of course, with the exception of the almond bark covered pretzels. If you find those pretzel rods g-free, PLEASE let me know!

Also, tonight we also tried the meatballs you’ll see below with spicy BBQ sauce. Of course, I prefer buffalo sauce over all other sauces, but it was still pretty tasty. Next time, I’m trying blue cheese in the middle….mmmm! Happy cooking/baking!

Feta stuffed buffalo chicken meatballs:


Pears with goat cheese, pistachios, and cranberries:


Oreo balls: (the main cause for said gut ache) :/


Peppermint brownies:


Peanut clusters:

Melt one package of semi sweet chocolate chips. Stir in 8 ounces of unsalted, dry roasted peanuts. scoop 1 1/5 inch ball onto wax paper. Let set, and enjoy! (This was actually one of my mom’s holiday favorites! and ‘recipe’)

Hope you are all doing a better job of resisting these goodies than I am, or better yet, hope you’re all eating them and enjoying every second of it! Have a great week!