It’s Winter! Can you feel it?

Hello again, everyone! One thing is for sure. It is officially winter. If you live in the Midwest, you’re experiencing a worse version. (eh em, why do you think I left?) However, here in Colorado….we are feeling it too! Somehow, when it is 5 degrees here, it feels like 20. No wind, no humidity, and sunshine. It’s amazing. In the Midwest when it hits 5, they cancel school, as it feels like -35. Phew.

Anyways, before moving to Colorado, I had the softest skin and hair. (Yes, I am kind of bragging). But this harsh dryness, mixed with the amount of time we spend outside in the sun, even in the winter, has really taken a toll. Plus, the only thing worse for our dry skin and hair than this weather, is the steaming hot showers we want to take to warm us up! So I thought I would give you a few solutions here that have helped me keep my ‘softest skin in the world’ as soft as can be skin and hair  up! Lemme break it down for ya….

photo (22)


It’s all about conditioning! Condition in the shower, post shower, and between shampoos. THEN, make sure to do an extra conditioning mask about once very 5 shampoos. (so for some people, that’s once a week, and for others, once a month.) Also, cut down on the shampooing. I know, I’ve said it before, but seriously. If your head gets so oily this time of year that you can’t even go every other day without getting oily, see a doctor. Kidding, but let’s remember….we need those oils to keep our hair moisturized and shiny. Not to mention our scalp. Here are my favorite products to help keep you locks from getting crispy this winter.

In the shower, after shampooing:

I love the minty smell, and how it leave your hair soft, but not heavy.


Sometimes, I even leave this is all day on my days off and tuck my hair up into a bun. Butter, it will feel like butter I tell you 🙂 Otherwise, leave in while you shave your legs, wash you body, etc, and rinse out after 5 minutes.

Before you heat style:

I’ve said it a million times, this stuff has saved my hair. Trust me, then thank me later. Spray this hair saver in when your hair is wet, before doing any kind of styling.

Between shampoos:

Aint no secret, Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo is my fav. But their Dry Conditioner? I’ve been holding out on you! Spray this through the ends of your hair after you spray your dry shampoo (on your non-washing days) BEFORE you re-curl or flat iron. This is the missing piece to your perfect day 2 hair. (or 3, or 4)


In the shower:

Exfoliate, ladies and gents! The faster you turn over those dead cells, the softer your fresh, new skin will be. Do this once a week, all over.

Also, switch to a cream based body wash in the winter. Lots of suds=dryer skin. Again, back to The Body Shop:

The cream takes a bit of getting used to, but makes a huge difference in the end.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Big surprise here, back to The Body Shop:

If you know me, you’ve probably wondered why I haven’t invested in stock in The Body Shop, or even just in the Shea Butter alone. A little goes a long way. MOST importantly, sign up to get The Body Shop emails! They are always offering buy one get one free, 50% off, etc. Don’t get caught paying full price!


Again, I recommend switching to a cream cleanser in the winter:–for-dry-skin/Botanical-Kinetics-Purifying-Creme-Cleanser/index.tmpl

I promise, just because it’s not suds-ing doesn’t mean it’s not cleaning.

Moisturize. Like, a lot:–for-dry-skin/Botanical-Kinetics-Purifying-Creme-Cleanser/index.tmpl

And mask here as well:

Once a week, folks. You know the drill.

Hands and feet:

There is just nothing better for your hands and feet than these two. Even if at night, before bed is the only time you apply, I promise you will notice a difference in a matter of days! Not to mention how amazing Foot Relief can feel after a long day in ski or snowboard boots!


I know you’ve been waiting. I am partial to these two:

If you have actual dry skin on your lips, apply one of the balms listed here, and use a clean mascara wand to slough off the dead skin.

photo (23)

This is a great one to do at night, too!

Of course, I can’t emphasize enough to MOISTURIZE, and drink a LOT of water. I mean a lot.

Oh, you want to know what I am doing with my hair here? Stay tuned for ways to cut down on heat styling. Another way to keep your hair looking good through the winter months!

Lastly, when all else fails, and you have an area needing extra, and I mean extra moisture, go to my one and only…Coconut Oil. I know, it’s for cooking and baking, but when my scalp is flaky, or my skin looks dull and dry, I go straight to the coconut oil. Yep, straight outta the jar. Some skin experts may disagree with this, but I have yet to recommend it to anyone and NOT have them see great results. Apply before bed, so you don’t feel oily all day. Plus, this give it tons of time to soak in. Mmmmm, buttery skin.

Hope this helps you feel smooth, and anything but dry and itchy this winter! Have a great week, everyone!

Will you be watching Juan Pablo tonight? Me too.



Why your Grandparents didn’t have food allergies…

Happy Monday everyone! I thought this article was so interesting. Explains a lot about why things like food allergies and celiac are so prevalent today. I can’t help but wonder if in the 1900’s I could eat all the fresh baked bread in the world!? Worth a read 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for a little hair and makeup tutorial for my soon to be ‘on camera’ friend, Julie! Her skin tone is different from mine in every way, so you’ll see lot’s of different shading and colors than before! Shorter hair tips as well!